My story

picture chiara bellani

I am an organic skincare formulator and certified soap and shampoo maker. I am Italian but living in Belgium since 2014. I started to formulate organic skincare in 2020, during a strict lockdown in Brussels. Since then, a new world has opened for me. It did not only help me overcome the isolating times, but it empowered me.

I formulated hundreds of products and experimented with many ingredients. My biggest motivation and inspiration is that I can customise my products, to make them suitable to any skin type and need, while reducing waste. I like to keep my formulations clean and simple – because I truly believe that less is more.

I hold a certificate on zero waste soap making and one on zero waste haircare from Bottega Zero Waste, which awarded me as Maker of the Month in August 2021. You can read more about this achievement here. I attended several workshops and trainings on aromatherapy by the School of Aromatic Studies, as well as organic skincare formulation by Formula Botanica.

My journey has just started, and I am thrilled to have you here.


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