Autumn and winter haircare tips

Temperatures are dropping, winter is fast approaching: what better time to talk about the effects that cold weather can have on hair! Yes, weather conditions affect many things: mood, sleeping patterns, hours spent outside and… yes, even our hair!

The weather affects the health of all types of hair. Curly, straight, wavy – these tips are for everyone!

What are the most common circumstances that can damage hair fibres during the colder seasons?
Temperature fluctuations: in winter the chances of going from cold damp outside to warm and dry inside increase. Temperature changes are among the main damage factors for hair.
Wind: cold air flows can be very aggressive for hair and promote hair breakage. Exposing one’s hair to the wind can promote the formation of knots and worsen frizz (this is especially true for wavy or curly hair). The wind also increases the rubbing of hair against each other, thus favouring damage to the cortex (the outermost part of the hair fibre): hair becomes frizzier, ‘coarser’ and more brittle. Finally, special attention should be paid to the ends of the hair, which are the most exposed part: the wind can favour split ends.

So, let’s get to know the ways to protect our hair from external atmospheric aggressions. To obtain beautiful and healthy hair, even in winter, the preliminary tips are:

Do not exceed the frequency of washing: too frequent and/or too aggressive washing deprives the hair of its natural protection, damages the hair fibre and the scalp, and encourages the formation of dandruff.
Avoiding prolonged periods of stress: prolonged stress can lead to: weakening of the hair fibres, abnormal hair loss and even premature ageing

Now, let’s turn to natural hair care during winter and autumn.

In colder seasons, hair tends to dry out more easily (due to the circumstances described above: temperature changes and wind) and to be more brittle. It is often necessary, therefore, to increase ‘pampering’ for the hair, reducing aggressive elements in favour of nourishing ones. What are nourishing hair care products? Ayurvedic herbs such as fenugreek and marshmallow; vegetable oils and butters; nourishing conditioners and masks (remember that the mask should only be applied once a week – more frequency can have the opposite effect!). My shampoo bar with coconut oil is a great ally, especially if you have dry, wavy or curly hair. The coconut oil combined with the white clay makes it very nourishing.

Avoid high temperatures: excessive heat damages hair and scalp. Therefore, do not use water that is too hot when washing them, and reduce straighteners and hairdryers to an absolute minimum.

Use a hat – the ‘trendiest’ tip of all. Wearing a hat protects your hair from the cold, wind and humidity. But not only that, also from pollution: your hair will get less dirty and you will have to wash it less often! A few recommendations: prefer cotton or natural fibres; avoid hats that are too tight and hinder circulation; do not wear them indoors and wash them frequently.

Vegetable oils: their use is part of the need for extra nourishment. f you need to treat dry tips, you can also use them only on the tips. My shampoo bar with hemp seed oil is fantastic to help you prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair, thanks to the powerful action of the spirulina powder.

I hope you learnt something today. Drop me a comment if you have questions. What are your tips for winter and autumn haircare?

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