Tips on how to use solid cosmetics

In this post, I would like to answer some questions that I am often asked when talking about solid cosmetics, so that I can best explain how to use them and make them last as long as possible.

The solid version is a concentrated version of the product because, unlike the liquid versions of shampoo and shower gel, there is no water in the formulation. This means that not much product is needed to achieve the cleaning effect and that the soap, if kept dry between uses, can last up to twice as long as the liquid version.

How should solid products be used? How much product should be used?

For both my shampoos and soaps, I recommend limiting contact with running water as much as possible.

I suggest quickly wetting the product under running water, passing it over your hands and immediately placing it in a dry area of the shower. It will be the product you have taken with your hands that will be distributed on your wet hair and body. This operation can be repeated until you have managed to soap all the hair along its length and the entire body.

Normally you would instead pass the soap directly under water over the entire body, but doing so may result in much more soap being dissolved than necessary.

Where can I store soap and solid shampoo?

A soap or shampoo dish that has holes or has a drain is ideal, because it allows air to pass through and does not allow the solid product to stagnate in the water and be excessively consumed. Check out our wooden soap/shampoo holder.

If you do not have a surface in the shower on which you can place a soap/shampoo dish that allows drainage, I recommend be hung it on vertical surfaces.

What to do when there are only small pieces of soap or shampoo left?

There are several ways to use the final bits of solid products.

If it is body/hand soap, you could put it in our exfoliating bag. If, on the other hand, it is shampoo, you can put it either in an old pair of tights or in an old lightweight cotton sock and you will also have accomplished a creative recycling!

I often join the old bits directly with my hands to the new bar of soap or shampoo. Just moisten them and apply light pressure with your hands et voila, you’ve already solved it.

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